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Promotion of University of Tartu International Summer University programmes 2019

Spend your summer at a university ranked in the top 1.2% of the world’s best universities.

The University of Tartu in Estonia welcomes you to International Summer University. Gain an international academic experience from one of the oldest and most distinguished universities in the Baltic States. We welcome applications from all adults including university students, professionals and other experts, regardless of educational background. Explore the selection of interdisciplinary and subject specific summer programmes in English or find a suitable Estonian language course.

Summer University Programmes 2019

Juri Lotman and the Semiotics of Culture: Contemporary Applications offers deeper understanding of cultural mechanisms and a set of tools for practical analysis of culture – cultural texts as well as cultural processes that would afford new insights into contemporary cultural dynamics. Scholarships available.

1–12 July in Tartu

Educational Change in Times of Rapid Technological Innovation examines the development of technology-enhanced teaching and learning in the digital era and introduces different innovative ways of implementing technology-enhanced activities in education. Scholarships available.

21–30 August in Tartu

Understanding Russia: Insights into Contemporary Russian Culture and Politics
 will explore the internal complexity and diversity of the Russian society and the multi-dimensional, often contradictory nature of recent transformations. Scholarships available.

15–27 July in Tallinn, Narva and Tartu

Current Social Issues in East Asia: Ageing Societies and the Role of Women
 will give an overview of the major social and demographic changes taking place in East Asian countries and offers unique and little-discussed perspectives on the factors affecting the region’s economies. Scholarships available.

12–23 August in Tartu

7th Martens Summer School on International Law
 deals with the comparative aspects of international law and human rights, focusing particularly on the issues related to Russia and Eurasia.

July 29 – August 2 in Pärnu

Craft Camp 
aims to introduce Estonian handicraft by giving an overview of traditional handicraft techniques from Estonia and to learn the modern usage of those techniques.

8–14 July in Viljandi

Estonian Summer Courses
 on different levels according to the language skills. Scholarships available.

22 July – 2 August in Tartu


Students’ feedback

“What I especially love about Tartu summer university is that it gathered peers from the whole world and provided them with all conditions for long talks, long walks, and, I hope, long cooperation in the future. My fellow summer schoolers are the most amazing people I have ever met. They are flexible and multilingual; they easily accept new culture and mentality and recite poems in the languages that are not their mother tongues with genuine and sincere passion, they are brave to doubt the obvious, and most importantly, they share the same values.”

 –Louise Moroz, Ukraine

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