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Call for abstracts National minorities migration and security in democratic societies 2019

Dear Sir/Madam,

We invite you to participate at the 23rd international scientific conference “National minorities, migration and security”. The conference is organized by the Center for International and Security Studies, Faculty of Political Science (University of Zagreb) and will take place at Brijuni Islands, Croatia (Hotel “Neptun”) from 9-12 May 2019. The conference is co-organized by Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Council of National Minorities of the Republic of Croatia and Academic Network for Cooperation in South East Europe.

The conference will cover three thematic units:

Thematic unit I: National minorities in democratic societies


  • Political representation of national minorities at local, regional and state level
  • Bilateral and multilateral cooperation and the protection of national minorities
  • Cultural autonomy, education and the official use of minority languages
  • International legal and political aspects of national minority protection


Thematic unit II: Migrations and migration policies


  • Contemporary migration management policies
  • Migration and security
  • The influence of migration on Europe
  • International legal and political aspects of migration

Thematic unit III: Contemporary security challenges


  • Global security and great powers politics
  • Terorismm and the security of democratic orders
  • Military power and contemporary security challenges
  • Regional security in South East Europe

The conference will bring together academics, experts and practitioners from Croatia and abroad from various disciplines who deal with the rights of national minorities, contemporary migration issues as well as security studies.

The conference languages are Croatian and English.

The deadline to submit abstracts is March 15, 2019. To submit your abstract, please send the form that you will find below the Call for abstracts to the following e-mail address: cemss.fpzg@gmail.com. The preliminary program of the conference will be available on 2 May 2018.

All registered participants are allocated up to 20 minutes for their oral presentations (in Croatian or English), and are invited to submit their papers in Croatian or English (to cemss.fpzg@gmail.com) which will be peer reviewed and considered for publishing in the yearbook Forum for Security Studies in 2020. The deadline for delivering papers is 30 June 2018.

The registration fees are as follows:

  • Author and co-author: total € 60 (payment until 1 April 2019 with positive review)
  • Author and co-author: total €70 (payment until 15 April 2019 with positive review)
  • Author and co-author: total € 80 (payment until 1 May 2019 with positive review).

Any questions regarding the payment of the registration fee (after the review process) as well as proof of payment (copy of the payment slip) should be sent to: cemss.fpzg@gmail.com.

Hotel “Neptun”, Brijuni Islands, has provided a special accommodation rate (550,5 kn/day – full board) for the conference participants. All the participants are required to arrange their own hotel reservations. Please, be aware that the hotel capacities are limited and therefore participants are urged to make their reservations on time.

Should you require any additional information regarding the conference, do not hesitate to contact the organizing committee through the following e-mail address: cemss.fpzg@gmail.com .

We look forward to seeing you at the conference!