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Graduate seminar – State Building and Globalization

State Building and Globalization

Graduate seminar led by Professor Iver B. Neumann
Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade

In partnership with:
Norwegian Institute of International Affairs
Belgrade Centre for Security Policy

May 3-4, 2011

Belgrade, Serbia

Tuesday May 3

Welcoming remarks and introductory speech

Iver B. Neumann, “States-building: Weber, Durkheim and their followers I”

Iver B. Neumann, “States-building: Weber, Durkheim and their followers II”

10:50h-11:05h Coffee Break

Iver B. Neumann, “Other forms of polities: The return of empire”, I

Iver B. Neumann, “Other forms of polities: The return of empire”, II

Lunch break

Panel 1 State-Building and Globalization I

  1. Andrea Trandafir, „Nation state under signs of globalization“
  2. Jan Litavski, „Globalization vs nation-state“
  3. Mladen Stojadinović, „Globalization and state-formation“

Chair: Marko Žilović

Coffee Break

Panel 2 State-Building and Globalization II

  1. Nikola Jović, „Critique of globalization from the nation state’s point of view”
  2. Nikola Lakić, „Is globalization a challenge or threat to nation-states as dominant form of polity”
  3. Nevena Manojlović,  „Has the nation state lost the battle?”
  4. Nikola Vujinović, „Nationalism and state building“

Chair: Jelena Lončar

Wednesday May 4

9:00h – 9:45 h
Iver B. Neumann, “Globalization’s impact on the state I”

9:50 h- 10:35h
Iver B. Neumann, “Globalization’s impact on the state II”

10:35h -10:50h
Coffee Break

10:50h -12:20h
Panel 3 State-Building in the Western Balkans

  1. Dragan Bojanić, „Globalization and the New Nation-State in the Western Balkans“
  2. Zoran Ćirjaković, „Rightsizing and State-Building in the Post-Yugoslav Space”
  3. Miruna Troncota, „The Balkanization of the Europeanization Process: how state building was distorted by external factors in the Western Balkans“
  4. Filip Ejdus, „State formation and international socialization – the case of Serbia“

Chair: Dejan Pavlović

12:20h – 13:20h
Lunch Break

13:20h- 14:50h
Panel 4 State-Building and State-Failure

  1. Vidak Anđelić „How Contested Sovereignities Coupled With Strong External Penetration Effect State-Building in the Region, the case of Bosnia and Herzegovina“
  2. Marko Žilović, „War, Sanctions and Post-Communist State Building in Post-Yugoslav Space“
  3. Anda Taropa Jacob, „The Effect of Political Failure Over State-Building, Case Study: CentralAfrica“

Chair: Zoran Ćirjaković

Coffee Break

15:00h – 16:30h
Panel 5 International law, civil-society and state-building

  1. Dejan Pavlović, „International Law and State-Building“
  2. Vesna Jarić, „Transforming states: Europeanization and the Case of Gender Equality“
  3. Jelena Lončar, „The Role of Civil-Society in the State-Building Process“
  4. Marko Kovačević, „Implications of state-building on security dynamics in the regional security complex theory”

Chair: Filip Ejdus

Concluding remarks and guidelines for final submissions

16:45h- 17:00h
Administrative information and evaluation of seminar

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