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International Business Transactions

  • Study programme/study programmes: Graduate academic international politics – master
  • Type and level of studies: 2nd cycle studies
  • Name of the course: International Business Transactions
  • Teacher (Surname, middle initial, name): Prof. Sanja. M. Graić-Stepanović
  • Status of the course: Elective
  • Number of ECTS: 5
  • Teaching methods:Lectures, seminar paper, practical work, essay, case studies, content analysis, consultancies
  • Number of classes:2+1
  • Eligibility: Student must also attend the course International Economy – Theory and Politics

Aim and outcome of the course

The course is aimed at studying legal issues and relations appearing in situation when business transaction goes beyond the borders of a single state (particularly the aspect of business cooperation of domestic subjects with American and EU partners), its planning and carrying out. From the aspect of content, particular attention shall be directed to studying of standard rules and the most important forms of international transactions, postulates and techniques of business negotiation, foreign direct investments, joint investments, transfer of intellectual property rights and international payment.

Upon completion of the course, student is expected to posses the basis of comprehensive theoretical knowledge, from one hand, as well as to master the skill of application of key institutes and rules of this discipline in individual cases, and particularly the skill of leading international business negotiation and correspondence, on the other. Attending this course enables student for introduction with basic comparative legal solutions and solutions of transnational business law pertaining to legal nature and carrying out of subject transactions, as well as with positive-legal solutions of domestic legislation in the domain of company, trade and banking law. The learning outcome implies capacity of application of the obtained knowledge and skills for solving complex problem situations in unfamiliar, i.e. multidisciplinary environment, as well as of critical analysis, assessment and synthesis of different new solutions.

Content of the course
Theoretical teaching
Subjects of international business transactions; Important legal features of foreign investments, Purchase of shares; Concessions; Agency and consulting; general and limited partnership; Shareholding company; Corporate management; Joining and merging of enterprises; Law of competition; General principles, procedure of conclusion and interpretation of international business agreements; Intellectual property law; Banking transactions
Practical teaching: Exercises, Other modes of teaching, Study research work
a) basic (397 pages)
1. Vasiljević, Poslovno pravo, Belgrade, 2004 (pp. 378-389, 443, 451-474, 521-538, 719-795) 2. Vukadinović R, Međunarodno poslovno pravo, Kragujvac, 2005 (pp. 279-322) 3. Folsom R, Gordon M, Spanogle J, Međunarodni trgovački poslovi, Visio mundi, Belgrade, 1997 (pp. 7-33) 4. Graić-Stepanović S, Praktikum za međunarodne poslovno-pravne transakcije i integracije, Belgrade, 2007 (pp. 11-48, 61-93, 121-191, 227-259, 285-314)
b) additional
1. Gogan P, Integracije, akvizicije i restrukturiranje korporacija, Novi Sad, 2004, 2. Vasiljević M, Kompanijsko pravo, Belgrade, 2007 3. Perović S, Obligaciono pravo, Belgrade, 1980, 4. Đurović R, Stakić, B, Zaključivanje spoljnotrgovinskih ugovora, Belgrade, 1991 5. Folsom R., Gordon M., Spanogle J.: International Business Transaction-2002 Documents Supplement (A Problem-Oriented Coursebook), V ed., St.Paul-Minn., 2002 6. Folsom R., Gordon M., Spanogle J.: International Trade and Investment, St.Paul, Minn., 2000 7. Mendoza A.: International Business Planning: Policy&Procedure, St.Paul-Minn., 2001 8. Vagts D.: Transnational Business Problems, New York, 1998 9. Sornarajah M. : The International Law of Foreign Investment, II ed., Cambridge, 2004 10. Charlesworth M, Morse G: Company Law, London, 1999 11.Good Roy: Commercial Law, Pinguin, 1995 12. Teply L.: Legal negotiation, St.Paul, Minn., 2001

Assessment of knowledge

Pre-examination commitments

  • Activity during the lectures 15
  • Colloquium(a) 20
  • Seminar(s) 5+10

Final examination

  • Oral examination 50