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Student organizations

Following the modernization and reform of teaching, student life at the FPS is lively. Students participate in the Student Parliament and numerous non-governmental organizations, as well as in the student journal Politikolog.

Apart from these student organizations, the quality of student life is further improved by enhanced conditions for work and leisure: refurbished classrooms (air-conditioned, with state-of-art equipment), well-equipped library and reading rooms, computer centre with Internet access, students’ club-restaurant Politikolog with summer garden, as well as appropriate premises for student organizations.

The following student organizations are active at the FPS:

  • APEM – Action for Political Emancipation of Youth
  • Debate Club
  • Diplomatic Club
  • European Students’ Forum
  • The UN Club FPS
  • Laocratic Student Association “Plus”
  • The FPS Student Association
  • Sports Association “Politikolog”
  • Serbian Political Forum
  • SUFPN – The Students Union of the FPS
  • TIM – Team Initiative of Youth
  • Union of Students of Social Work