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Prof. Miroljub Radojković

E-mail address: miroljub.radojkovic@fpn.bg.ac.rs

Phone No: +381 11 3092-823

Year and place of birth: 1949, Pančevo


  • PhD, 1978, Faculty of Political Sciences, Belgrade;
  • MA, 1975, FPS Belgrade;
  • 1971 BA in Political Science – Journalism, FPS Belgrade


  • Communication Studies,
  • Media and Society
  • Theory of Culture and Media

Working experience

  • Full Professor since 1990,
  • Associate Professor, 1985-1990,
  • Assistant Professor 1980-1985,
  • Assistant 1975-1980,
  • Junior Assistant 1972-1975.

Lecturing at other domestic and foreign institutions

  • Faculty of Law, University of Pristina, 1975-1977
  • Pedagogical-Technical Faculty “Mihajlo Pupin”, Zrenjanin, University of Novi Sad, 1984-1989
  • Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade, University of Arts (graduate studies), 1997-2000
  • University of Tampere, Finland, 1984
  • Faculty of Diplomacy and International Economic Relations, University of Trieste, Italy, 1998-1999
  • International Institute for European Studies, University of Trieste, Italy, 2002-2003
  • Teachers’ Training Faculty, Belgrade, 2005 -

Fields of scientific interest

  • Mass media systems,
  • Public opinion,
  • International communication,
  • Theories of communication,
  • Sociology of everyday life.

The most important books published

  1. “Savremeni informaciono-komunikacioni sistemi”, Zavod za udžbenike i nastavna sredstva, Belgrade, 1984
  2. “Medjunarodno komuniciranje”, Zavod za udžbenike i nastavna sredstva, Belgrade, 1987, ISBN 86-17-000359-6
  3. “Podela mišljenja” (2nd expanded edition), Vega, Ivanjica, 1997, ID = 53294092
  4. “Osnove komunikologije” (coauthor T. Djordjević), FPN and Čigoja, Belgrade, 2001, ID = 90899468 (4 editions so far)
  5. “Društvo, mediji i komuniciranje” (coauthor M.Miletić), Stylos, Novi Sad, 2005 and 2006, 3rd edition. Učiteljski fakultet u Beogradu, 2008
  6. „Informaciono komunikacioni sistemi“ (coauthor B.Stojković), Clio, Belgrade 2004, 2nd edition Clio, Belgrade, 2009
  7. „Medijum sindrom“, Protocol, Novi Sad, 2006

Participation in research projects

  • National scientific-research projects:
  1. Information of workers in associated labour, 1985-1987
  2. Subordination and liberation of media in Serbia, 1993
  3. Functioning of the FRY as a legal state, 1990-1995
  4. Suppressed civil society, 1995-1996
  5. Political life and political institutions of Serbia in the transition from the 20th to 21st century, 1996-1999
  6. PALGO project for free municipalities of Serbia, 1998-1999
  7. Increase of capacity of local communities in Serbia, 2001-2002
  8. Media presentation of national and cultural identity, 2002- 2005.
  9. Democratic transformation of political system and civil society in Serbia, 2002
  10. Structural and professional changes in mass media system of Serbia 2005-2010, project leader
  • International scientific-research projects:
  1. Right to Information of Migrant Workers, 1977-1982
  2. Deregulation of Italian Broadcasting and its Consequences upon Quality of Program, 1992
  3. Hungarians in Vojvodina, 1993
  4. Current Legal, Political and Practical Obstacles to the Existence of Independent Media and Free Journalism in the FRY, 1995
  5. Transborder Co-operation of FRY”, 2000

Participation in conferences in the country and abroad

  • General and Scientific Conferences of International Association for Media and Communication Research: Leicester 1976, Warsaw 1980, Bled 1990, Seoul 1994, Glasgow 1998, Barcelona 2002. Stockholm 2006
  • ECREA Biannual Conference, Barcelona, 2008
  • General Conference of UNESCO: Belgrade 1979, Sofia 1983
  • First International University on Communication, Sarajevo, 2001;
  • Media and Public Relations;
  • Issues of Education and Practice, Sofia, 2002;
  • The Problems of the New Europe, Gorizia, 2001;
  • Media and Politics, Belgrade, 2000;
  • Status of Journalism Training and Communication Science in Central and Eastern Europe, Leipzig, 1999;
  • Public Space and Individual Responsibility, Belgrade, 1998;
  • European Press Forum, Trieste, 1998;
  • Democracy in Multiethnic States, Sarajevo, 1998;
  • Media Legislation and Press Codes of Ethic, Belgrade,1996 and 1998;
  • Impact of the Media on the Politics, Public Policy and World Events, Salzburg Seminar, 1995;
  • Mass Media in the Transformation of East-Central European Societies, Bucharest, 1992;
  • Scientific Conference of American Association for Speech Communication, Chicago, 1990;
  • UNESCO Conference on New Directions of Media Education, Toulouse, 1990…

Membership in professional organizations and associations

  • International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR);
  • European Association for Communication Research (ECREA), regional coordinator;
  • Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia, Serbian Political Science Association

Foreign languages

  • English (a),
  • German (a),
  • Italian (p),
  • Slovenian (p)

Hobby and interests

  • swimming,
  • philately

Other books published

  1. Sredstva masovnih komunikacija, ( priručnik za III razred usmerenog obrazovanja u Vojvodini), Centar društvenih delatnosti “ Koča Kolarov“, Zrenjanin, 1977, ( pp. 82 )
  2. Sistemi javnog informisanja, (coauthor with dr Toma Đorđević and dr Zdravko Leković), udžbenik za treći razred usmerenog obrazovanja, Zavod za udžbenike i nastavna sredstva, Belgrade, 1979 ( pp. 56-73 )
  3. Savremeni informaciono-komunikacioni sistemi, Zavod za udžbenike i nastavna sredstva, Belgrade, 1984 ( pp.193 )
  4. Međunarodno komuniciranje, Zavod za udžbenike i nastavna sredstva, Belgrade, 1987 ( pp. 233 ) 
  5. Sredstva masovnih komunikacija, ( coauthor S.Crnobrnja ) , udžbenik za III i IV razred prosvetne struke, Zavod za udžbenike i nastavna sredstva, Belgrade, Novi Sad and Titograd,  1990 ( pp.130 )
  6. Ka demokratskoj radio difuziji, (coauthors P.Plavšić and R. Veljanovski), Fondacija Soros, Belgrade,1993. ( pp. 71 ) and translation to English
  7. Podela mišljenja, (2nd expanded edition),Vega, Ivanjica, 1997 ( pp.171), ID = 53294092
  8. Osnove komunikologije, ( coauthor T.Đorđević ), FPN and Čigoja, Belgrade 2001 (pp. 237 ); 2nd edition 2005, ISBN 86-7558-294-3; COBISS.SR-ID 119292428
  9. Informaciono komunikacioni sistemi, ( coauthor Branimir Stojković ), Clio, Belgrade, 2004, ( pp.253 ), ISBN 86-7102-114-9
  10. Komuniciranje, mediji i društvo,(coauthor Mirko Miletić ), Stylos, Novi Sad, 2005, (pp.228), ISBN 86-7473-251-8; COBISS.SR-ID 206962951
  11. Medium sindrom, Protocol, Novi Sad, 2006, (pp.133)  ISBN 86-86343-00-7 COBISS.SR-ID 211926023

Articles published

  • Chapters in volumes in English:
  1. “The Economic Position of Mass Communications Institutions in Yugoslavia” in Towards Democratic Communication, Jugoslovenski centar za teoriju i praksu samoupravljanja, Ljubljana, 1984, (pp.121-128)
  2. “The Information and Communication System in Yugoslavia” in The Impact of Culture-Based Value Systems on Management Policies and Practice, Damjanovic Mijat and Voich Dan (eds), Preager, New York, 1985, (pp. 300-325)
  3. “Social Movements in Eastern Europe” in Social Actors and Designing the Civil Society in Eastern Europe, Gasparini Alberto and Yadov Vladimir (eds), JAI Press, Greenwich, Connecticut, 1995, (pp. 21-36)
  4. “Media and Civil Society in the Processes of Transition” in Civil Society in the Countries of Transition, Skenderovic Nadia and Podunavac Milan (eds), Subotica, 1999, (pp. 215-224)
  5. “PR and Journalism; Two Clashing Professions” in Media and Public Relations: Issues of Education and Practice, Todor Petev and Minka Zlateva (eds), Sofia, 2002
  6. “What is to be Controlled: Media or Social Change?” in Business as Usual; Continuity and Change in Central and Eastern Europe, in Paletz L.David and Jakubovicz Karol (eds), Hampton Press, 2003, (forthcoming)
  • Articles in professional journals in English:
  1. “Political Participation and Mass Media in Yugoslavia”, Gazette, Amsterdam, no.3, 1975
  2. “First TV Festival of the Nonaligned Countries”, Communication Perspectives, Illinois, vol., no.2, 1979
  3. “Satellite Communications Bring Nations Closer”, Communicator, New Delhi, vol.XVI, no.4, 1981
  4. “Sacral Subject of Social Communication”, Gazette, Amsterdam, no.30, 1982
  5. “The Contribution of the Socialist States to the Environmental Crisis”, The Democratic Communiqué, Berkley, no.3, 1990
  6. “Changes in the Information System in Yugoslavia”, Mass Media in the World, Prague, no.6, 1991
  7. “My Fulbright Experience in the USA”, Technology Research and Development, Washington, vol.39, no.4, 1991
  8. “Intellectual Autonomy and the Future of University”, (coauthor E. Calabrese), Technology Research and Development, Washington, vol.40, no.3, 1992
  9. “Election’ s Media Lesson”, Balkan Media, Sofia, vol.III, no.1, 1994
  10. “The Teeth of Cadmus”, Kultura, Belgrade, no.93/94, 1994
  11. “Mass Media Between State Monopoly and Individual Freedom: Media Restructuring and Restriction in former Yugoslavia”, European Journal of Communication, London, vol.9, no.2, 1994
  12. “How Cultural Imperialism Works”, Journal of West and East Studies, Seoul, vol.24, no.1, 1995
  13. „Why can’t civil society media grow in Serbia?“, „International Journal of Media & Cultural Politics“, Intellect, Bristol, UK, volume 5, no.1&2, 2009, (pp.89-101)   ISSN 1740-8296
  • Articles and chapters in books in other languages:
  1. “Il futuro della ex-Jugoslavia”, Futuribili, Milano, no.2, 1995
  2. “Broadcasting in Serbia and Montenegro” in TV auf dem Balkan, Milev Rosen (ed), Hans-Bredow-Institut, Hamburg, 1996 (pp.119-127)
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  4. “Un altra opinione sul Kosovo”, ISIG Magazine, Gorizia,1998, /Italian and English/
  5. “Lettera da Belgrado”, ISIG Magazine, Gorizia, 1999, /Italian and English/
  6. “La lunga estate calda”, ISIG Magazine, Gorizia,1999, /Italian and English/
  7. “Das Rundfunksystem Jugoslawiens (Serbia und Montenegro)” in Internationales Handbuch fur Horfunk und Fernsehen, Nomos Verlaggesellschaft, Baden-Baden, 2000, (pp.421-429), report renewed
  • Articles in domestic professional journals and chapters in books (selection of most recent works)
  1. “Reforma lokalnih RTV medija”, Prizma, CLDS, Belgrade, December 2002
  2. “Za slobodan pristup informacijama”, Prizma, CLDS, Belgrade, April 2002
  3. “Za vladavinu prava u etru”, Dosije, No.9, NUNS, Belgrade, 2001
  4. “Izlazak iz Golemove senke”, e-journal Media online, Sarajevo, December 2000
  5. “Novinarska etika – evropska iskustva” introductory text for the volume Etički kodeksi, NUNS, Belgrade, 1999
  6. “Kolektivna katarza” paper in the volume Duh vedrine-kultura protesta, FPN, Belgrade,1998
  7. “Prilog raspravi o nezavisnim medijima”, Zbornik matice srpske za društvena pitanja, Novi Sad, No.100, 1996
  8. “Mediji nacionalnih manjina izmedju pozitivne i negativne diskriminacije”, volume Položaj manjina u Saveznoj Republici Jugoslaviji, Srpska akademija nauka i umetnosti, Belgrade, 1996
  9. “Medijska regulativa u Srbiji u poredjenju sa evropskim standardima” in the volume Evropski standardi – nemačka rešenja, Evropski pokret u Srbiji i Evropska akademija Berlin, Belgrade, 1996
  10. “Mogućnost konstituisanja demokratskog javnog mnjenja u Srbiji” in the volume Potisnuto civilno društvo, Eko Centar, Belgrade, 1995