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Prof. Neda Todorović

E-mail address: neda.todorovic@fpn.bg.ac.rs, mianeda@eunet.rs

Phone No: +381 11 3092-834

Year and place of birth: 1948, Vrbas


  • Faculty of Political Sciences (1971),
  • MA (1977 )
  • PhD (1986)


  • Theory and Technique of Journalism,
  • Journalism in Press

Lecturing at other domestic and foreign institutions

  • Course in Introduction to Journalism, since 1994, Faculty of Music Arts,
  • Courses in Basics of Journalism, Analytic Journalism and Journalism in Media, Faculty of Philosophy, Banja Luka, 1998,
  • Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade, Novi Sad School of Journalism, The RTS School of Journalism (2ooo, 2ool, 2oo2)

Fields of scientific interest

  • Journalistic theory and practice (theory of journalistic genres, interpretative and research journalism)

The most important books published

  1. Ženska štampa i kultura ženstvenosti, Naučna knjiga, Belgrade, 1987,ISBN 86-23-06001-6;
  2. Duh devedesetih, BMG,1996, ISBN 86-82005-54-9; Savremeno novinarstvo, volume, Čigoja štampa Belgrade,1998,ID 64327436;
  3. Interpretativno i istraživačko novinarstvo, Čigoja štampa, Belgrade, 2oo2, ISBN 86-7558-o63-0