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Prof. Slobodan Marković

E-mail address: slobodan.markovic@fpn.bg.ac.rs, slobmar@EUnet.rs

Phone No: +381 11 3092-870

Year and place of birth: 1972, Belgrade


  • PhD, Political Science, FPS, Belgrade, 2004
  • MPhil in Historical Studies, University of Cambridge, 2000
  • BA in History, Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade, 1997


  • BA Studies:

Political Anthropology

  • MA Studies:

a) Courses in Serbian:

Cultural Anthropology
Image of the Other

b) Courses in English

Image of the Other (at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Belgrade)
Political History of SEE

  • PhD Studies:

Political Anthropology, Historical Legacy and Modernisation of the Balkans

Working experience

  • Full professor, 2014-
  • Associate Professor, Faculty of Political Sciences, since 2004
  • Assistant Professor, Faculty of Political Sciences, Belgrade, since February 2005 to February 2010, course in Political Anthropology
  • Scientific Associate of the Institute of European Studies since 2006
  • Research Associate of the Institute of European Studies in Belgrade, 2002/2006
  • First Secretary for Cultural Affairs in the Embassy of FR Yugoslavia in the Hellenic Republic, 2001/2002
  • Research Associate of the Institute for Balkan Studies SASA (status frozen since July  2001), since 2009 External Associate

Lecturing at other domestic and foreign institutions

  • Lecturer at the Institute for Social and European Studies, Kőszeg, Corvinus University, Budapest, course in Balkan Studies (2008)
  • Lecturer at the Matej Bel University, Banska Bistrica, Slovakia, course in Balkan Studies, 2007-
  • Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Belgrade, MA course Image of the Other, 2014 -

Fields of scientific interest

  • Political anthropology,
  • Balkan studies,
  • Psychoanalytic anthropology
  • Image of the other,
  • History of pessimism,
  • Relations of Serbia with the US and Great Britain

The most important books published

  1. Slobodan Markovich, British Perceptions of Serbia and the Balkans 19 the Balkans 19 03-1906 (Paris: Dialogue, 2000), pp. 247
  2. Slobodan G. Markovich, Eric Becket Weaver, Vukasin Pavlovic (editors), Challenges to New Democracies in the Balkans ( Belgrade : Cigoja Press, 2004)
  3. Slobodan G. Marković ( editor ) , Evropska unija i zapadni Balkan posle velikog proširenja , Institut za evropske studije, Beograd 2005 / Slobodan G. Markovich (editor), European Union and the Western Balkans after the Big Enlargement , Belgrade 2005 (ISBN 86-82057-34-4).
  4. Slobodan G. Markovich, Eric Beckett Weaver and Vukasin Pavlovic (eds.), Problems of Identities in the Balkans ( Belgrade : Dosije Press, 2006), pp. ISBN : 86-7738-041-8.
  5. Slobodan G. Marković, Grof Čedomilj Mijatović. Viktorijanac među Srbima , Dosije i Pravni fakultet Univerziteta u Beogradu, Belgrade, 2006, pp.. 485. ISBN : 86-7738-051-5.
  6. Čedomir Antić i Slobodan G. Marković, „170 godina britansko – srpskih (jugoslovenskih ) odnosa = 170 Years of British – Serbian ( Yugoslav ) Relations “ (Belgrade: British Embassy, 2007). ISBN: 978-86-910953-0-7
  7. Grof Čedomilj Mijatović, Uspomene balkanskog diplomate , editor and translator Slobodan G. Marković, Radio televizija Srbije, edicija Rara, Belgrade 2008.
  8. Slobodаn G. Mаrkovic, Pesimističkа аntropologijа Zigmundа Frojdа [Pessimistic Anthropology of Sigmund Freud] (Belgrade: Dosije Press, 2014).

Papers in English

1. S. G. Markovich, “Different Approaches to Human Nature and Peace Building”, in J. P. Lomsdalen and K. Popovic (eds.), Education and Peace – International Experiences and Approaches(Belgrade: Adult Education Society and Institut für Internationale Zusammenarbeit des Deutschen Volkshochschulverbandes, 2005), pp. 27-40.
2. S. G. Markovich, “British Perceptions of the Salonica Front and the Belligerent Balkan Countries”,The Salonica Theatre of Operations and the Outcome of the Great War. Proceedings of the International Conference organized by the Institute for Balkan Studies and the National Research Foundation “Eleftherios K. Venizelos” (Thessaloniki: Institute of Balkan Studies, 2005), pp. 409-429.
3. S. Markovich, “Serbia: Country Profile” in Dr. Marat Terterov (ed.), Doing Business with Serbia(London: GBM Publishing Limited, 2006), pp. 3-12.
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