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Prof. Snežana Đordević

E-mail address: snezana.djordjevic@fpn.bg.ac.rs

Phone No: +381 11 3092-843

Year and place of birth: 1960, Ljig


  • Faculty of Political Sciences – PhD 1998.
  • Faculty of Political Sciences – MA 1992
  • Faculty of Political Sciences, 1983
  • Gymnasium – Belgrade

Working experience

  • Faculty of Political Sciences, Full Professor
  • Faculty of Political Sciences, Associate Professor
  • Faculty of Political Sciences, Assistant Professor
  • Faculty of Political Sciences, Assistant
  • Faculty of Political Sciences, Junior Assistant
  • Republic Conference of Socialist Youth Union – Associate Professional

Fields of scientific interest

    • local self-government,
    • urban politics and policy,
    • public administration,
    • public policies,
    • public services etc.

      Membership in professional organizations, associations

      • Member of the Political Science Association of Serbia

      Works published

      Published Books:

      1. Snežana Djordjević: “Contemporary Urban Theoriesentrepreneurial, creative, democratic cities”, Čigoja, Belgrade, 2012.
      2. Snežana Djordjević: “Public Policy Analisys”, Čigoja štampa, Belgrade, 2009.
      3. Snežana Djordjević: “The Governments in Action – the World of Public Services”, Čigoja štampa, Belgrade, 2008.
      4. Snežana Djordjević “Renaissance of Local Government – Comparative Models“   Čigoja, Belgrade, 2003.
      5. Snežana Djordjević “Managing Megalopolis – City Manager Model”, Čigoja štampa, Belgrade, 1998.
      6. The Challenges of Modern Managing and Governing”, Taš-print, Belgrade, Ed. by Snežana Djordjevic, Mijat Damjanovic, 1995
      7. Snežana Djordjević “Political Community of Great City” Čip Stampa, Beograd, 1993.


      1. Snežana Djordjević: “Handbook on Including Citizens and Civil Society in Decision Making Process”, Građanske inicijative, 2011.
      2. Co-writer in booklet: “Dictionary on Decentralization”, Službeni glasnik, Belgrade 2011.
      3. Snežana Đorđević: “Manuel on Modern Management in Local Economic Development”, SKGO, FOS, Belgrade, December 2007.
      4. Co-writer in booklet: “Handbook for Local Councilors” SKGO, UNDP, Belgrade 2004.
      5. Co-writer in booklet: “Preparation for Reform of Law on Local Government”, SKGO, UNDP, Belgrade 2005.
      6. Snežana Đorđević: “Local Self-government”, CESID, Belgrade, 2002.


      • Fulbright grant beneficiary for six-month research within the project “Public Services”,  Maxwell School, Campbell Institute, Syracuse, New York, 2002-2003
      • DAAD grant (researches in 1999, 2000.)
      • Konrad Adenauer grant 2000.

      Research experience (Projects)

      • Research on Local Ombudsman in Serbia, OECD, 2011, 2012
      • Reform of high education- member of project team, Oslo, 2011-2013.
      • IPSA Conference Reform of Local Public Services in Serbia”, Dubrovnik 2011.
      • Decentralization in Serbia” Faculty of Political Sciences, Zagreb, 2010.
      • Research on Local government (Serbia) skills in management and local economic development (2009)
      • Research on Organization of Belgrade administration (2009)
      • Research on Belgrade Public enterprises` quality of work and services (2009)
      • Lecturing: Reform on local government, public administration and Evaluation of local public policies”, University of Trento, Faculty of political sciences and sociology, Postgraduate program, February 2006.
      • Lecturing: Evaluation on Public policies in Serbia: local and central level, Jules Verne University, Faculty of Political sciences, CUREP, Amiens, France, November, 2 – 19, 2004.
      • Research on Decentralization and Public Services, Pittsburgh University, GSPIA, January – April 2004.
      • Fulbright grant for six months long research on Project “Public Services” in Maxwell School, Campbell Institute, Syracuse, NY, 2002-2003
      • Alternative Laws: Law on Local Government & Law on Public Administration, 2000 – 2001, Law on Civil Servants 2003, Law on Municipal Property 2004, Law on Belgrade, 2005-2006. Palgo Centre
      • Two research visits in realizing Project: “System of Local Government and Managing Great Cities in Germany“: on Eberhard Karl Universitaet, Tuebingen, BR Germany (October- December 1998 & November 1999 – January 2000.) financed by DAAD (Deutsche Akademishe Austaush Dienst) and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung

      Experience in working with serbian municipalities

      • 1997 – 98  LOGO Project “Modernizing Local Government in Serbia” – after victory of the opposition in the biggest municipalities in Serbia in the 1996 elections
      • 1997. Consultant of Belgrade mayor Mr Zoran Djindjic for the field of local government (preparation the reform of Belgrade city administration, preparation for   “experimental municipality” pilot project and realization of cooperation with German municipalities through a study visit to Freiburg (research the structure of local government, the manner of functioning, financial structure, public service procurement etc.)
      • 2000 – 01 Project: “Implemantation of new models of urban cultural policies” G17+
      • 2001 Alternative Laws: Local Government, Public Administration
      • 2002. “Transformation of the Local Public Enterprises in Serbiaresearcher, writer
      • 2002. “Capacity building in Local Communities” (PALGO Centre, G17+, Centre for Development of NGO Sector), team leader, lecturer
      • 2002. “Municipal Support Program for east and south Serbia” EAR, BDPA
      • 2003. “Reform on Social Policy” DFID, member of the team, lecturer
      • 2003. “Strategy on Poverty Reduction  in Serbia’ World Bank, ,Ministry for Social Affair, member of the team
      • 2003. “Support to Ministry on Public Administration and Local government”- creating Law on Public Administration, Law on Civil Servants and Strategy on Public Administration, member of the team
      • 2004. Law on Municipal Property, member of the team
      • 2004. Creating Handbook for Local Councilors, SKGO, one of co-writers
      • 2005 .- 2006. Law on Belgrade, PALGO, member of the team
      • 2006. Exchange Program, EAR, SCTM, evaluator
      • 2006. Preparation for Reform of Law on Local Government, SCTM, one of three co-writers
      • 2007. “Evaluation and Upgrading Capacities of City and Municipal Managers in Serbia” PALGO, SCTM, Chief of the project
      • 2007. Handbook on local economic development, SCTM; writer
      • 2009. Decentralization, Balkan Fund, writer, member of lecturer team in educational program
      • 2009. Building capacities of political institutions in Belgrade, City of Belgrade, member of the team
      • 2010. Models of decentralization, OECD, Belgrade 2010.
      • 2011. Local government in Serbia: state and perspectives