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Prof. Snježana Milivojević

E-mail address: snjezana.milivojevic@fpn.bg.ac.rs

Phone: +381 11 3092-849

Year and place of birth: 1956, Banja Luka


  • PhD in Sociology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Montenegro, 2000
  • PhD dissertation accepted and positively assessed at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade (May, 1988); upon introduction of the repressive Law on University public defence prohibited (January 1999), followed by firing from the Faculty of Political Sciences (August 1999).
  • MA, Politics and Development strategies, Institute of Social Studies, The Hague,1986
  • BA, Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of Journalism, University of Belgrade, 1979.


  • Public Opinion

Working experience

  • 2003 Associate Professor, Faculty of Political Sciences
  • 2002 Scientific Associate, Institute of Social Sciences, Belgrade
  • 2001 Senior Associate Member, St. Anthony’s College, Oxford University, Visiting Fellow, PCLPM Wolfsan College, Oxford University, January/August
  • 2000-02 Director, NGO Center of Media Studies
  • 1983 -99 Assistant, Faculty of Political Sciences, Belgrade
  • 1989 Visiting Professor, University of Massachusetts, USA, winter semester
  • 1980-82 journalist, “Politika ekspres” daily

Fields of scientific interest

  • Critical media studies,
  • Cultural studies,
  • Political communication,
  • Media policy and regulations

The most important books published

  1. Media Monitoring Manual, Media Diversity Institute and Samizdat B92: London, 2003.ISBN 86- 7963-170-1
  2. Ekranizacija izbora, coauthor, Vreme knjige: Belgrade, 1993. ISBN
  3. Media Repression and Politics of Isolation, in Media and Politics, (2001) ed. Peter Bajomi-Lazar and Istvan Hegedus, Budapest: Uj Mandatum Konyvkiado
  4. Volimo te otadžbino naša, in: Odsutne partije, (1999) Cesid: Belgrade, ID 82130700
  5. Nacionalizacija svakidašnjice, in: Srpska strana rata, (1996) editor N. Popov,  Republika: Belgrade, ISBN 86-7963-128-0  The book is published in English, French and German
  6. Model Izbornog zakona u Srbiji, Belgrade: CESID, 1999., member of the expert team
  7. Mediji, tranzicija i demokratija, proposal for the reconstruction of the media system of Serbia, coordinator, UOOD, Belgrade: B92, 1997., published also in
  8. Sloboda štampe i Zakon o javnom infomisanju, Belgrade: YUCOM and ABA/CEELI, 1998

Participation in research projects

  1. 2003 Local media in Serbia and development of local community, coauthor, Gradanske inicijative and Fridrih Ebert Fondacija
  2. 2001/02 Image of ethnic minorities in the leading printed media in the countries of South East Europe, author, Media Diversity Institute, London
  3. 2001 Women and media: presentation of women in mass media, author, Centar za ženske studije, Belgrade
  4. 2000 Attribution of guilt – Media picture of Serbs, Albanians and ‘international actors’ in the time of the NATO military intervention, author, Radio B292 and Westminster Foundation for Democracy
  5. 1998 Presentation of political parties in the leading public media, coauthor, Centar za slobodne izbore i demokratiju, Belgrade
  6. 1997 Media treatment of electoral campaign ‘97, coauthor, The European Institute of the Media, Düsseldorf
  7. 1993-95 Trauma and catharsis in historical memory, Novi srpski forum, Belgrade
  8. 1993 TV presentation of participants in extraordinary elections 1993 in Serbia, author
  9. 1992-93 TV presentation of electoral campaign for parliamentary and presidential elections in Serbia 1992, author, Commission of the European Communities
  10. 1992 Environmental reconstruction of Central and Eastern Europe – Serbia, coauthor, Global 2000, Vienna

Participation in conferences in the country and abroad

  1. 2003 History, Identity and Policy, 21st Century Trust and British Council Cambridge University, panelist
  2. 2002 Role of the Media in the Process of Regional and Cross-Boarder Cooperation in Central and South Eastern Europe, Pesc, introductory speaker
  3. 2002 Nationalism, Identity and Regional Cooperation: Compatibilities and Incompatibilities, University of Bologna, speaker;
  4. 2002 Media and Integration: Responsibilities, Expectations, and Challenges in South-Eastern Europe, CWPNM, Opatija, introductory speaker.
  5. 2002 Reforming Broadcasting in Countries of Transition, BAJ and the European Media Institute, Minsk, introductory speaker
  6. 2001 Perspectives on Media Policy in South East Europe, Ljubljana
  7. 2001 Managing the Transition, Wilton Park conference, Belgrade, speaker
  8. 2000 Broadcasting for Democratic Europe, Council of Europe and ANEM, Belgrade, introductory speaker
  9. 2001 Perspectives on Media Policy in South East Europe, Ljubljana
  10. 2001 Managing the Transition, Wilton Park conference, Belgrade, speaker
  11. 2000 Broadcasting for Democratic Europe, Council of Europe and ANEM, Belgrade, introductory speaker
  12. 2000 Former Yugoslavia: Independence of news and role of the international community, Reporters sans frontieres, l’Ecole Supérieure de Journalisme de Lille, speaker
  13. 2000 Media in the Age of Globalization, Salzburg seminar, Austria
  14. 2000 Truth, Responsibility and Reconciliation, Radio B292, OSCE and the Heinrich Bell Foundation, Ulcinj, introductory speaker.
  15. 1999 Media, Power and Responsibility, 21st Century Trust, Oxford, UK
  16. 1999 Media, Education and Civil Society, international workshop, Vienna, speaker
  17. 1998 Public and personal responsibility, programme coordinator, organizers: Transeuropeennes and Belgrade NGO, Belgrade
  18. 1997 Neighbours and Future in South Eastern Europe, annual conference, TRANSEUROPEENNES, Strasbourg
  19. 1997 Communication Toward Open Societies, Amsterdam, presentation in the group: Communication, Politics and the Electorate
  20. 1995 Mass Media towards an Information Society Symposium, Athens, speaker
  21. 1994 The First European Film and Television Studies Conference, London, speaker
  22. 1994 EC Seminar on Small Press in the Balkans, Timisoara, speaker

Foreign langauges

  • English (a),
  • Macedonian (a),
  • French (a)

Articles published

  1. 2003 Stagnacija demokratskih reformi u Srbiji, volume of discussions, Belgrade: AAOM
  2. 2002 Slike u ogledalu, research survey, www.Media-Diversity Institute
  3. 2002 Ćutanje ne briše prošlost, Ljubljana: Medijska preža, No.13
  4. 2002 Ideološki efekti medija, Belgrade: Rec, pp. 151-213
  5. 2002 Trapped in the Past, Transitions On-Line, Balkan Reconstruction  report, Special packages, January
  6. 2001 Cutanje ne poništava prošlost, Belgrade : Dosije No.11
  7. 2000 Guide Through Electoral Controversies in Serbia, group of authors,  Cesid: Belgrade.
  8. 2000 Pripisivanje krivice , http://www.b92net/trr/2001/nato-istr.htm
  9. 2000 Najprljavija izborna kampanja, Ljubljana: Medijska preža No. 9
  10. 2000 Režimske televizije u Srbija, Ljubljana: Medijska preža, No. 8
  11. 1999 Partije i mediiji, Ljubljana: Medijska preža No. 6
  12. 1998 Parlamentarni i predsednički izbori na RTS, Belgrade: BETA
  13. 1995 Television y Elecsiones , Voces y Culturas, Vol. 8, Barcelona
  14. 1994 Masovni mediji u izborima u Srbiji , Yu Survey, No. 1,
  15. 1993 Propaganda, entry in Enciklopedija političke kulture ,  Savremena administracija, Belgrade, pp. 939-942
  16. 1992 TV prezentacija izbora, Belgrade, Gledišta 1-6


  1. 1986- 1998 European Journal of Communication –  Associate Editor