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Prof. Tanja Miščević

E-mail address: tanja.miscevic@fpn.bg.ac.rs, mistanja@net.rs

Phone No: +381 11 3092-864

Year of birth: 1966


  • PhD, Political Sciences, 2002, Faculty of Political Sciences
  • MA, Political Sciences, 1997, Faculty of Political Sciences
  • BA Political Science, 1989, Faculty of Political Sciences


  • International Organizations
  • International Public Law

Working experience

  • Junior Researcher, 1991-1993, Institute of International Politics and Economics
  • English Language Demonstrator, 1991-1995, Faculty of Political Sciences
  • Junior Assistant, 1995-1998, Faculty of Political Sciences
  • Assistant, since 1998,  Faculty of Political Sciences

Lecturing at other domestic and foreign institutions

  • Alternative Academic Educational Network, lectures in the EU modules, since 2000
  • Belgrade Open School, lectures in the EU modules, 2000

Fields of scientific interest

  • International governmental organizations, international institutional law, European studies

Participation in research projects

  • Research project: Structural changes in international relations and their influence on Europe and Yugoslavia, 1991-1998; fields dealt with: countries of the Central and Eastern Europe in the process of transition and their association to the EU.
  • Research project: Creation of harmonogram on harmonization of national legal regulations of the FRY/Serbia and Montenegro with the EU law, since 2001. Project coordinator for the following fields: social policy, financial services and free movement of capital, agriculture and fishery.

Participation in conferences in the country and abroad

Seminars, summer schools and conferences in the country and abroad, among else:

  • Cooperation and Security in Europe, Mediterranean and the Balkans, September 10-16,1994, Halki, Greece, presentation: “Prospects for Future Balkan Cooperation”;
  • Transatlantic Summer Academy – Europe Today: Its Institutions and Its Peoples, June 8 to July 1, 1998, Bonn, Germany;
  • The Yugoslav-British Summer School for Democracy – Democracy and Social Change, August 23 – September 12, 1998, Budva, Yugoslavia;
  • Round table – The EU perspectives after Amsterdam, February 26, 2000, paper presented: “Koncept državljanstva-građanstva u Ugovoru iz Amsterdama“;
  • International conference “Is Visegrad a Viable Co-operation Pattern to be Studied and Implemented by South Eastern Europe”, November 13- 15, 2000, Eger, Hungary;
  • Round table – Stability Pact of the South Eastern Europe – chance or challenge for Yugoslavia, February 6, 2001, paper presented “Demokratizacija i zaštita ljudskih prava kao značajni elementi Pakta stabilnosti”
  • 2nd Congress of Political Scientists, Lepenski vir, November, 2001, paper presented: “Odnosi SR Jugoslavije i Evropske unije”

Membership in professional organizations and associations

  • Member of the Executive Board of the Yugoslav Society of International Law and Secretary of the Yugoslav EU Law Association

Foreign languages

  • English (a)
  • Russian (a)
  • German (p)

Hobby and interests

  • No particular hobbies  – likes to listen to music and watch movies.

Articles published

  1. Ostvarivanje slobode kretanja radnika prema sporazumima o pridruživanju Evropskoj uniji, Socijalni rad i socijalna politika, Zbornik radova III, Fakultet političkih nauka, Belgrade, 1997, pp 217-233
  2. Legitimacija za pokretanje postupka zbog povrede ljudskih prava pred medjunarodnim organima, Jugoslovenska revija za medjunarodno pravo, No.1, 1997, Vol. 44, pp. 90-115
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  5. Nastanak i razvoj tri stuba Evropske unije, Pravni život, 12/1998, IV vol, pp. 571-587
  6. Ombudsman Evropske unije i zaštita prava individualnih subjekata, Jugoslovenska revija za medjunarodno pravo, No. 3, 1998, pp.119-137
  7. Dijalog o Evropi – Medjuvladina konferencija o institucionalnoj reformi Evropske unije, Pravni život, 12/2000, IV vol, pp. 233-249
  8. Principi demokratije i ljudskih prava kao uslov za stupanje u članstvo Evropske unije, (Un)Even Partners – Political Conditionality in Telations with the Balkan Countries, Balkan Yearbook of Human Rights, Balkan Human Rights Network, 2001, pp 202-216
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  13. ABC about EU, reader (ed.), Konrad Adenauer Shtiftung, Belgrade, October 2002
  14. translation: Jozef Vajler, Ustav Evrope, Filip Višnjić, 2002. (translation of the 2nd part of the book)
  15. translation: Amartija Sen Kumarta, Razvoj kao sloboda, Filip Višnjić, 2002
  16. editor of the column Novosti iz Evropske Unije, published by the Bilten, Institut G17

Prizes and awards

  • During undergraduate and graduate studies, beneficiary of scholarship of the Republic Foundation for the Development of Scientific and Artistic Youth
  • Award of the Faculty of Political Sciences for the success achieved during the undergraduate studies

Civil status

  • Single, no children.