Početna Associate Professors

mr Jelena Surčulija Milojević

a)     Name:      Jelena Surculija Milojevic b)     Place of birth: Belgrade, Yugoslavia c)      Academic title: Assistant Professor d)     Education: Ph.D. in Media Law (2016); ,University of Belgrade, Faculty of Law, Serbia; “Permissible Restrictions on Freedom of Expression in Conformity Full story


Prof. Jovan Teokarević

E-mail address: jovan.teokarevic@fpn.bg.ac.rs Full story


Prof. Zoran Stojiljković

E-mail address: zoran.stojiljkovic@fpn.bg.ac.rs pdp@eunet.rs Full story


Prof. Milan Petričković

E-mail address: milan.petrickovic@fpn.bg.ac.rs Phone No: +381 11 3092-866 Year and place of birth: 1963, Kraljevo Education PhD 2000, MA 1995, BA, 1990. All Full story


Prof. Dušan Pavlović

Web site of prof. Pavlović: http://web.mac.com/dusan.pavlovic/mypage/About_Me.html E-mail adresa: dusan.pavlovic@fpn.bg.rs Full story


Prof. Darko Nadić

E-mail address: darko.nadic@fpn.bg.ac.rs, nadic@net.rs Phone No: +381 11 3092-865 Year and place of birth: 1964, Donji Milanovac, Serbia Education Faculty of Political Sciences (completed in 1988) MA 1993 Full story


Prof. Tanja Miščević

E-mail address: tanja.miscevic@fpn.bg.ac.rs, mistanja@net.rs Phone No: +381 11 3092-864 Year of birth: 1966 Education PhD, Political Sciences, 2002, Faculty of Political Sciences MA, Political Sciences, 1997, Faculty of Political Full story


Prof. Zoran Krstić

E-mail address: zoran.krstic@fpn.bg.ac.rs, zokrst@yahoo.com Phone No: +381 11 3092-815 Year and place of birth: 1965, Kragujevac Education PhD, Faculty of Political Sciences, Belgrade, 2003 MA, Full story


Prof. Dragoslav Kočović

E-mail address: dragoslav.kocovic@fpn.bg.ac.rs Phone No: +381 11 3092-847 Year and place of birth: 1954, Sjenica Education 1992  PhD, 1988  MA, 1982  BA Full story


Prof. Časlav Koprivica

E-mail address: caslav.koprivica@fpn.bg.ac.rs, caslavk@ptt.rs http://caslavkoprivica.freesitespace.net Phone No: +381 11 3092-860 Year and place of birth: 1970, Nikšić Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, BA (1995), MA (1999) Full story


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