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Living and working conditions at the Faculty

Refurbishment of the FPS premises is an important feature of its overall modernization. Refurbished classrooms are air-conditioned and equipped with video projectors and electronic boards. All entrances to the building are refurbished, video surveillance has been installed, while reception desk, student services, library, reading room, foreign language facilities, computer classrooms, the premises for student organizations, leisure time spaces – all have been refurbished.

The FPS carries out the project “Upgrading of the Building of the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Political Sciences” with financial support of the National Investment Plan of the Republic of Serbia and in cooperation with the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia.

The goal of the project is building of 2,680 m2 of space, including new classrooms, reading room and library, academics’ offices and media centre.

Student organizations

Following the modernization and reform of teaching, student life at the FPS is lively. Students participate in the Student Parliament and numerous non-governmental organizations, as well as in the student journal Politikolog.

Apart from these student organizations, the quality of student life is further improved by enhanced conditions for work and leisure: refurbished classrooms (air-conditioned, with state-of-art equipment), well-equipped library and reading rooms, computer centre with Internet access, students’ club-restaurant Politikolog with summer garden, as well as appropriate premises for student organizations.

The following student organizations are active at the FPS:

  • APEM – Action for Political Emancipation of Youth
  • Debate Club
  • Diplomatic Club
  • European Students’ Forum
  • The UN Club FPS
  • Laocratic Student Association “Plus”
  • The FPS Student Association
  • Sports Association “Politikolog”
  • Serbian Political Forum
  • SUFPN – The Students Union of the FPS
  • TIM – Team Initiative of Youth
  • Union of Students of Social Work

Student Parliament

As a link between students and the FPS Dean and administration, Student Parliament primarily deals with students’ rights and improvement of conditions of study. The Student Parliament sends its representatives to the Student Parliament of the University. Election for the Student Parliament is organized in early spring every year.


Publishing activity and the expansion of cooperation with leading publishing companies, together with creation of conditions for the establishment of the FPS information centre, support development of academic and research core of the FPS.

Independently or as a co-publisher, the Faculty publishes books, mostly by its academics, as well as academic journals “Godišnjak FPN(The FPS Yearbook) and “Student godišnjak(Student Yearbook).


The FPS Library features 103,000 bibliographic units (with more than 60,000 books and numerous journals, documents, master dissertations and doctoral theses) from the fields studied at the Faculty.

Stue.dents have a reading room with 115 seats at their disposal, in which, apart from books, they can also use datasets and archives of other organizations and institutions the FPS cooperates with: e.g. COBISS, University Library, National Library of Serbia, “Archive” database. The electronic search of the library fund is also availabl

Media Centre

The Media Centre – located on the 2nd floor of the old part of the building – hosts the students “BU Radio”, PR team, student journal “Politikolog”, as well as the equipment for video and audio editing. Here students gain important hands-on experience, which will be invaluable in their subsequent professional lives.

IT Centre

The Faculty has around 200 PC stations. Computers installed in the recently renovated and modernized Internet classroom are at students’ disposal every day. Students can use the newest networked computers with Internet access. Almost all classrooms are equipped with PC stations and overhead projectors which facilitates learning.

The FPS has a modern IT centre and information system with search options pertaining to the curricula and class schedules.

Internet pages of the FPS are regularly updated and used as an efficient means for external and internal communication: teaching materials, examination schedules, various announcements, reports on daily events, visits, academic and administrative staff, as well as of teaching and non-teaching activities – everything important for the FPS is under public scrutiny via our web site.

On the Internet, there is the “Student Forum”, useful for exchange of teaching materials, multimedia contents, and communication of our students.

The PR Team

The PR service of the FPS has operated since 2007 as an organized team of students aiming at a successful communication with relevant institutions, domestic and international universities and at establishing and maintaining cooperation with media, government, non-governmental organizations and broader public.

The PR Team cooperates with media and professional associations of journalists in its monitoring work. It pays special attention to students and youth, encouraging student organizations of the University of Belgrade and actively cooperating with them.

The work of the PR Team is multidisciplinary and implies positioning of the FPS in relation to various target publics, the creation of communication strategy and accompanying projects of student volunteers. The PR Service prepares and implements public discussions and debates, organizes promotion meetings and thematic public lectures, presentations of professional literature, journals, etc.

Students’ restaurant “Politikolog

The premises for students’ club-restaurant have also been refurbished, enabling students to enjoy pleasant surroundings, low prices and fun. In addition to in-door club, summer garden has also been opened, giving a special charm to the FPS and making it a lovely place for study and friendship.

Professors’ restaurant “Politikolog”

There is also a special restaurant for the employees of the Faculty, where they can refresh and rest and where they receive numerous official delegations and guests from the country and abroad. The restaurant is a place for informal contacts and friendship of the employees of the Faculty.