Početna Undergraduate StudiesInternational Relations

International Relations

Department of International Studies

Professor Slobodan Samardzic, Head of Department

Ever since the foundation of the Faculty of Political Sciences, its Department of International Studies has been the country’s leading centre for the training of diplomats, international relations and foreign policy experts, including those involved in international relations divisions of political parties and large businesses. The Department of International Studies is a strong teaching and research centre in the fields of international political and economic relations, foreign policy, international law and international organizations, area studies (including European, Balkan, American, and Asian studies), security studies, peace studies and related disciplines.

Knowledge and skills that students gain in the course of their studies will enable them to perform successfully in the following positions: international relations analyst in government and large international corporations; the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or a related ministry official; diplomat based in diplomatic and consular missions; expert for the issues of European integration and for related issues in international governmental and nongovernmental organizations.

Title: BA in Political Science – International Affairs, or BA in Political Science – European Integration – depending on electoral module chosen by the student in the 4th year of studies (modules International Politics or European Integration)

Duration of studies: 4 years

Number of students enrolled: 140