Početna Undergraduate StudiesInternational RelationsFourth year of studies – European IntegrationThe European Union Policy of Enlargement

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The European Union Policy of Enlargement

  • Study programme/study programmes: International Studies – module European Integration
  • Type and level of studies: Undergraduate academic studies
  • Name of the course: The European Union Policy of Enlargement
  • Teacher (Surname, middle initial, name): Prof. Tanja N. Miščević
  • Status of the course: Elective
  • Number of ECTS: 5
  • Teaching methods: The teaching shall be carried out by using the model of combination of lectures and exercises, including an interactive approach to the work.
  • Number of classes: 2+1

Aim and outcome of the course

The EU develops its most recent policy only in an attempt to find a reply to the question of the need of enlargement to the states of Central and Eastern Europe. Exactly because of this the policy of enlargement is one of the most interesting matters for studying, as it is has been undergoing permanent evolution and improvement from the period of its emergence until today – it develops new models of intergovernmental action, but also of communitarian activities. Particular emphasis is posed on association of third countries to the EU, as an integral part of this policy, having in mind the importance which this segment has on contemporary development not only in Serbia but in the Western Balkan region.

Studying of this course should offer students not only the possibility to get acquainted with theory and practice of one of the most successful EU policies, which directly refers to our country, but also to academically acquire enough knowledge for critical approach to observation of changes in one of the segments of action of the EU. The course is also aimed at introduction and understanding of the process of policy-making, particularly obtaining skills for managing in action of segments of the EU bureaucracy and the EU approaching state, and therefore capacity for work with them.

Content of the course
Theoretical teaching
The concept of the EU enlargement policy; Organizational elements of the EU enlargement policy; Conditions for the EU membership; Waves of the EU enlargement – enlargement without policy; Waves of the EU enlargement – definition of enlargement policy; From economic assistance, through association toward membership; Enlargement vs. deepening; Kinds of association to the EU; Instruments and procedure for establishment of association; the Stabilization and Association process; Association and integration as reform of society and state; From association toward membership; Future of the EU enlargement policy

Practical teaching: Exercises, Other modes of teaching, Study research work


а) basic:

1. Helen I Vilijam Valas, Kreiranje politika u EU, Istočno proširenje, pp. 427-461

2. Tanja Miščević, Pridruživanje Evropskoj uniji, Belgrade, 2005, p. 189

b) additional

1. Neil Nugent (ed), European Union Enlargement, Palgrave, 2004, p. 308

2. Michelle Cini, European Union Politics, EU Enlargement, Oxford University Press, pp. 211-246

3. the EU documents pertaining to the enlargement policy

Assessment of knowledge

Pre-examination commitments

  • Activity during the lectures 20
  • Colloquim(a) 20
  • Seminar(s) 20

Final examination

  • Oral examination 40