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Journalism and Communication

Department of Journalism and Communication Studies

Professor Rade Veljanovski, Head of Department

For over four decades, the Department of Journalism and Communication Studies has provided a unique undergraduate programme in Serbia and the wider region.

Graduates from this programme hold key positions in print and electronic media, public relations agencies and public opinion research institutions, often as editors, journalists, experts and researchers. By the end of their studies of journalism, students will have acquired knowledge and skills necessary to work as editors, managers, presenters, PR experts and to take other positions in contemporary media and communication industry. In addition, graduates will be highly competitive in the following positions: cultural and press attachés in diplomatic and consular missions; media planner; spokesperson in government, public administration, political parties and large corporations; professional associate in the cabinet of the Commissioner for Free Access to Information of Public Importance.

Title: BA in Journalism

Duration of studies: 4 years

Number of students enrolled: 160