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Social Policy and Social Work

Department of Social Policy and Social Work

Professor Miroslav Brkic, Head of Department

Social policy and social work training at university level involves a complex interdisciplinary study required for various demanding roles of social policy and social work in contemporary society. In the course of the four-year programme, students acquire diverse theoretical and methodological knowledge from the disciplines of sociology, political science, psychology, economics and law, with a particular focus on social policy and social work.

Social policy and social work provide a wide range of employment opportunities in the public and private sector, including self-employment. Most students find employment in social care institutions (social work centres; institutions for the care of psychologically and socially impaired children; youth, marriage and family counselors;  institutions and services for the care of old and/or disabled, and for other specific and social problems), health care services, government and local government, primary and secondary education (as part of specialized teams in schools, particularly in special education), employment agencies, humanitarian organizations, institutions for children, youth and social care of children, etc.

Title: BA in Social Work

Duration of studies: 4 years

Number of students enrolled: 100