Početna Undergraduate StudiesSocial Policy and Social WorkFourth year of studies – Social PolicyGerontology

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  • Study programme/study programmes: Social Policy and Social Work – module Social Policy
  • Type and level of studies: Undergraduate academic studies
  • Name of the course: Gerontology
  • Teacher (Surname, middle initial, name): Prof. Miroslav D. Simić
  • Status of the course: Elective
  • Number of ECTS: 6
  • Teaching methods: Lectures, exercise, practical work.
  • Number of classes: 3+1

Aim and outcome of the course

The content of the course is created from a larger number of chapters connected in a single whole. The first part pertains to the concepts and definitions such are gerontology and geriatrics, the subject matter of studying, then the traditional and contemporary relation toward the old age and old people, historical development of gerontological thought and practice, emergence and development of gerontology in the world and in our country, interdisciplinary approach, relation and connection of scientific disciplines in the social protection system referring to old people, theories of aging and old age, etc. Particular attention is paid to the issues of prevention of early aging, sickness, disability, and in relation with theories of aging, with all its characteristics, bio-psychosocial disturbance of every individual. Other features linked to aging and old age are also studied within the program, such are physical health, mental health, psychology of aging, the most important factors influencing the health of elderly persons, quality of life etc. An important place in the syllabus is occupied by the chapter dealing with life needs and problems in the third age.

Based on the prescribed syllabus, students will obtain new and improve the existing knowledge, with an aim to improve social, health and societal protection of old persons, provide for all assumptions of bio-psychosocial unity, quality of life and social integration of these persons in family and social community. By particular measures of prevention, diagnostics, curing and rehabilitation of these persons, to postpone old age, sickness and disability and provide a long-term active and quality life to these persons to the maximum possible level through professional work.

Content of the course
Theoretical teaching

Gerontology, geriatrics, Demographic characteristics – demographic aging in the world and in our country, Aging and old age, theories of aging, Life needs and problems in the third age, The most important factors influencing aging and old persons, Physical, mental and spiritual health in the old age, Social-medical characteristics of somatic disorders, conditions and sickness with persons in the third age, Social-medical characteristics of psychological-psychiatric disorders, conditions and sickness with persons in the third age, Prevention, diagnostics, therapy and rehabilitation of sick and disable persons in the third age. Quality of life, social and legal protection of old persons, Realization of health and social protection, Institutions and organizations important for old persons, Broader social community in provision of humane old age…

a)       basic

Prof. Dr Nikola Milosavljević, Gerontologija, Novi Sad, 1993; p 150; Prof. Dr Mladen Davidović (editor), Gerijatrija, Medicinski fakultet, Belgrade, 1998; and the chapter by Prof. Dr Miroslav Simić, total 70 pages; Prof. Dr Mladen Davidović (editor), Savremena gerijatrija, Medicinski fakultet Belgrade, 1994; and the chapter by Prof. Miroslav Simić and associates, total 60 pages; Petar Manojlović, Socijalni rad i starost, Gerontološko društvo Srbije, Belgrade, 1996; p. 30; Prof. Dr Miroslav Simić, script, FPN, Belgrade, 1999; p. 130

b)       additional
- Journal „Gerontologija“; Journal „Gerontološke sveske“; Volumes of papers from gerontological symposiums and congresses

Assessment of knowledge

Pre-examination commitments

  • Activity during the lectures 10
  • Colloquim(a) 40
  • Seminar(s) 10

Final examination

  • Oral examination 40