Početna Undergraduate StudiesSocial Policy and Social WorkFourth year of studies – Social PolicySocial Work with Children and Youth

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Social Work with Children and Youth

  • Study programme/study programmes: Social Policy and Social Work – module Social Policy
  • Type and level of studies: Undergraduate academic studies
  • Name of the course: Social Work with Children and Youth
  • Teacher (Surname, middle initial, name): Nevenka M. Žegarac, PhD, Associate Professor
  • Status of the course: Elective
  • Number of ECTS: 6
  • Teaching methods: Lectures, exercise, workshops, practical work
  • Number of classes: 2+2

Aim and outcome of the course

The aim of the course is that students get introduced with basic concepts, theoretical and interventional approaches of social work in protection of children against abuse, consequences, ethical and value implications of interventions, as well as with protection of children without parental care though guardianship, adoption, family and institutional accommodation in order to apply their knowledge in practice.

Students shall gain knowledge about contemporary understandings of causes and consequences of children abuse, they shall get introduced with contemporary approaches of prevention and intervention in this field, legal and professional implications of work. They shall be trained to independently recognize and lead preventive interventions, organize and lead protective intervention in team or under supervision. They shall also be trained to use certain methods, techniques and skills in work on protection of children without parental care. They shall develop skills in use of knowledge in protection of children and youth. They shall be able to follow and apply news in profession respecting the ethics of social work.

Content of the course
Theoretical teaching

Subject matter, method and goal of studying of social work with children and youth, Contemporary concept in protection of children; Development of understanding of abuse and negligence; Contemporary models of children protection; Forms and indicators of children abuse: physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse; Negligence; Specific forms; Causes and consequences of abuse; Ethical and value dilemmas; Cultural-competent practice, Interventional frames of social work in protection of children against abuse, Concept and forms of protection of children without parental care; Principles of protection of children without parental care, Concept and characteristics of guardianship; Organization of guardianship service; Appointment and dismissal of guardian; Action of guardianship; Application of social work during the course of guardianship over a minor; Termination of guardianship, General characteristics of adoption;  General appropriateness of adoptee; General appropriateness of adopter; Action of adoption; Application of social work in adoption procedure; The role of guardianship authorities; Measures of protection of family and children, Concept of foster care; General appropriateness of foster child; General appropriateness of foster parent; Establishment of fostering; Action and termination of fostering, Application of social work in accommodation of children in foster family; The role of guardianship authorities; Social work with foster family and natural parents of accommodated child, Experiences of practice of family accommodation in Europe; New forms of family accommodation; Institutional care for children without parental care; Development of institutional accommodation in the world and in our country; Application of social work in relation with institutional accommodation of children; Social work with children; social work with children’s parents; Preparation for leaving the institution.

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b) additional
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Assessment of knowledge

Pre-examination commitments

  • Activity during the lectures 10
  • Colloquim(a) 25+25

Final examination

  • Oral examination 40