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Master academic studies of journalism

The studies and their specificities

Nowadays, when the audience is far better educated and young people are more and more turning to the new media and digital culture, the need for a permanent, advanced education of journalists and media workers is an imperative. Master academic studies of Journalism offer to students a well-balanced combination of theoretical and practical knowledge, together with specific skills necessary for mastering the complex discipline of media literacy. In addition to theoretical postulates of Cultural Anthropology, the relationship between media and culture of diversity, theoretical and practical knowledge about media functioning and management, classic and new media genres, the studies imply mastering of complex, documentary forms of work in printed and electronic media, acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary for media editing, creative writing in printed media and rhetoric in the electronic ones, understanding of Internet and new media technologies and proficiency therein.

Organization of studies

Studies are organized in two semesters. In the first semester, besides compulsory courses (Cultural Anthropology and Preparations for final paper writing), students chose elective disciplines (Introduction to the Theory of Media and Journalism Genres, Journalistic Documentary Forms in Press or in Electronic Media, Internet and New Media Technologies, Media Management, Media Analysis). Writing and defense of the final paper are mandatory before obtaining the degree.


Teachers at the offered courses include well-known professors, experts in media studies, such are Čedomir Čupić, Neda Todorović, Snježana Milivojević, Rade Veljanovski, Veselin Kljajić, Dobrivoje Stanojević, Sanja Domazet, Nikola Mrđa, Nikola Maričić, and many visiting professors, experts in the relevant study fields.

Head of the studies: Prof. Veselin Kljajić, veselin.kljajic@fpn.bg.ac.rs

Entrance examination

Two factors play a decisive role in selection of candidates: kind of BA studies and the average grade obtained, and the impression left by the candidate on the three-member commission at the oral entrance examination for which students are prepared from two offered textbooks (Neda Todorović, Interpretativno i istraživačko novinarstvo, Čigoja štampa, 2002; Veselin Kljajić, Intervju u štampi, u on-line magazinima, na internetu, Čigoja štampa, 2014).

This study programme was accredited in 2015.



1st semester

Course Semester Status Workload

(lectures + seminars)

Preparations for final paper writing 1 compulsory 6
Cultural Anthropology 1 compulsory 3+0 6

Elective bloc 1 (18 ECTS to be chosen)

Course Semester Status Workload

(lectures + seminars)

Journalistic Documentary Forms in Press 1 elective 2+1 6
Journalistic Documentary Forms in Electronic Media 1 elective 2+1 6
Internet and New Media Technologies 1 elective 2+1 6
Introduction to the Theory of Media and Journalism Genres 1 elective 2+1 6

2nd semester

Course Semester Status Workload

(lectures + seminars)

Media Editing

a)      Media Editing – Press


b)      Electronic Media Editing

(one of the two options within the same course to be chosen)

2 compulsory 2+1 6
Final paper writing 2 compulsory 10
Final paper defense 2 compulsory 2

Elective bloc 2 (at least 12 ECTS to be chosen)

Course Semester Status Workload

(lectures + seminars)

Media Management 2 elective 2+1 6
Creative Writing in Media 2 elective 2+1 6
Rhetoric in Electronic Media 2 elective 3+0 6
Media Analysis 2 elective 2+1 6