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Master academic U.S. studies

Description and manner of studies

By enrolling the MA U.S. Studies students will have an opportunity to gain theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in the field of the U.S. foreign and security policy, U.S. history, legal and economic system, American political ideas and institutions, values and popular culture and bilateral relations between Serbia and the USA.

The studies are organized in two semesters. In the first semester, besides mandatory courses (The U.S. Foreign Policy and Preparation for final paper writing) students choose among the following disciplines: The U.S. History; Introduction to the U.S. Law; Contemporary Theories of Security; Complex State Governance Systems; Policy of Resistance and Theory of Civil Disobedience; Parliamentalism and Models of Democracy. In the second semester students, besides the mandatory course (The U.S. Foreign and Security Policy after the Cold War) attend the following electoral courses: The U.S. Economic System; The U.S.-Serbian Relations; Geopolitics and Geoeconomy; Euro-Atlantic Security; History of the European Culture.

At the end of the studies, student is obliged to register, write and defend his/her master paper.

Teaching staff:

The Head of the master U.S. studies is Prof. Dragan Simić; the Secretary of the master U.S. studies is Assist. Dragan Živojinović, MA.

Teachers: Profs. Dragan Simić, Ljubinka Trgovčević-Mitrović, Sanja Danković Stepanović, Ivo VIsković, Ivan Vujačić, Ilija Vujačić, Slaviša Orlović, Balša Špadijer… professors from the USA and the Western Balkan region.

Manner of taking entrance examination, literature and contact e-mail for additional information:

Interview with the commission on the basis of the book Istorija SAD, Filip Višnjić, Beograd, 2003.

E-mail contact:

Prof. Dragan Simić, dragan.simic@fpn.bg.ac.rs or draganrsimic@yahoo.com

Dragan Živojinović, MA, dragan.zivojinovic@fpn.bg.ac.rs or zivojinovic75@yahoo.com

CDs with literature can be collected at the FPS reception desk.

This study programme was accredited in 2015.


1st semester

Course Semester Status Workload

(lectures + seminars)

The US Foreign Policy 1 compulsory 2+1 6
Master seminar 1 compulsory 6
Policy of Resistance and Theory of Civil Disobedience 1 elective 2+1 6
Parliamentarism and Models of Democracy 1 elective 2+1 6
The US History 1 elective 2+1 6
Introduction to the US Law 1 elective 2+1 6
Contemporary Theories of Security 1 elective 2+1 6
Complex State Governance Systems 1 elective 2+1 6
The US Economic System 1 elective 2+1

Elective bloc 1 (18 ECTS to be chosen)

2nd semester

Course Semester Status Workload

(lectures + seminars)

Foreign and Security Policy of the USA after the Cold War 2 compulsory 2+1 6
Final paper 2 compulsory 12
History of the European Culture 2 elective 3 6
Serbian-American Relations 2 elective 2+1 6
Geopolitics and Geoeconomics 2 elective 2+1 6
Euro-Atlantic Security 2 elective 2+1 6