Julio Otero Santamaría, University of Cordoba, Spain

What are you researching at the moment? 

I’am researching about the evolution of the official discourse in socialist Yugoslavia.

What is your go-to website for news and analysis? 

Yu Historija is one of the most visited: https://www.yuhistorija.com/ 

Do you have a writing routine? 

It depends on the period, but here in Belgrade I am writting from 20:00 until midnight. That wasn’t my routine in Spain becuase I wasnt used to write at night. 

What was the worst advice you have been given? 

I’m very prudent with my advices. 

Have you ever been inspired by a student? If so, how? 

My colleague Agustín Sánchez-Cotta inspired me a lot. Because of him I learned how to learn a methodologic tool to analyze discourses. It is essencial to read the philosophic basis of a method. 

Name one thing that you would do if you were not a professor? 

I would avoid strict schedules and bureaucracy.

Describe Balkan in three words 

History, culture and hospitality 

Would you share with us something you would never put in your CV? 

I like to go to a bullfight once a year. 



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