International Students’ Corner

Welcome to Belgrade!

Here below please find some general and useful information to make your stay more pleasant.

Dear Foreign Student,

Welcome to the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Belgrade!

FPS puts all its resources at your disposal, for you to find, research and learn everything you wanted before coming to Belgrade and Serbia. We hope that staying with us shall open new horizons for you and enable new contacts both with Belgrade colleagues and with other foreign full-time and mobility students.

Courses in English for exchange students in academic 2021/22.


Gender, Body and Sexuality 6 2nd semester Katarina Loncarevic English
Development Studies – Approaches, Actors and Issues 6 2nd semester Aleksandar Milosevic English
Political Culture 6 1st and 2nd semester Bojan Vranic English
Political Ideologies 6 1st and 2nd semester Bojan Vranic English
Religion and Politics 6 1st and 2nd semester Marko Vekovic English
Introduction to Peace Studies 6 1st semester Nemanja Dzuverovic English
History of Balkan Relations 6 1st semester Dragan Djukanovic English
Foreign Policy of Serbia 6 1st semester Dragan Djukanovic English
EU and Enlargement 6 2nd semester Ivana Radic-Milosavljevic English
History of SEE 6 2nd semester Slobodan Markovic English
Image of the Other 6 1st semester Slobodan Markovic English
Constitutional and Political Systems of SEE 6 1st semester Nebojsa Vladisavljevic English
Political Economy of Post-communist Transition  6 1st semester

(from 2022/23)

Dusan Pavlovic



Varieties of Capitalism in South-east Europe 6 2nd semester

(from 2022/23)

Dusan Pavlovic



Student are also welcomed to choose any of the courses offered at the MA in Peace, Security and Development (starting from 2022/23). This program is fully in English.


Useful links before coming:

Approximate monthly living costs in Belgrade are EUR 600 (housing, food and personal expenses).

General information:

Faculty of Political Science

Jove Ilica Street 165 (part of the city called Vozdovac, about 5 km from the city centre)

Bus/tram lines from downtown (Slavija Square): 33, 9, 10, 14 (name of the stop closest to the Faculty: Petrovačka)

Minivan E9, from the Terazije Square – you should tell the driver where to stop (after Vitanovačka). Tickets are purchased from the driver.

Taxi: Approximate price from downtown: RSD 850 (about 7 EUR).
Alternatively: CarGo service:, similar to Uber.

1. Transfer from the airport

The price of taxi service from the airport is divided into 6 zones. Please contact the city service TAXI INFO desk, located in the arrival hall, righthand side from the exit. Please take a taxi voucher at the information desk which contains the name of your destination and appropriate price for the taxi service. The staff at the desk will direct you to your driver. The price from the airport to downtown should be about 1.800 RSD (payable in EUR as well) – you will pay to the driver. The use of this service is highly recommendable, since you might be charged even double if deciding to take taxi randomly. Please visit

By public transportation:

2. Currency and payments

Local currency is dinar (RSD). The exchange rate is around 117.50 RSD for 1 EUR. There are many exchange offices all around the city, with almost the same exchange rates and without commission. The exchange rate might be slightly less favorable at the airport exchange offices, in hotels and banks.
At the airport there are ATMs as well, at the arrival hall.

Credit cards are accepted in majority of shops and restaurants. ATMs for cash withdrawal are available for 24 hours.

3. Electricity

The voltage in Serbia is 220 Volts. The electric socket used is the European CEE7/7 with two holes, so if your equipment uses different sockets, make sure that you bring correct adapters.

4. Tap water is safe for drinking.

5. Emergency phones:

  • Police: 192
  • Ambulance: 194

The area code for Belgrade is +381 11.

Useful information for students:

  • Regulation of your stay in Belgrade

In order for your stay in Belgrade to be statutory regulated, there is a couple of institutions which you must register with.

Registration of stay – step 1

Address: The closest police station (depending on municipality in which you will live in Belgrade) or electronically at, max. 12 hours upon arrival.

Documents required for obtaining “white card”:

  • Passport
  • ID card of the owner of the apartment in which you will live in Belgrade
  • Presence of the owner of the apartment
  • Presence of the student (not necessary, the owner of the apartment can go to the police alone with his/her guest’s passport)

For students accommodated in a student dorm, hostel, hotel…

  • You will receive your “white card” from the employee of the dorm/hostel/hotel who is in charge for this matter.

Registration of stay – step 2

Address: Department for Foreigners, Savska Str. No. 35, ground floor, on the left.

Documents required:

  • Passport
  • Request form for approval of temporary residence – 3 copies (to be printed two-side)
  • 2 photos
  • Letter of Confirmation for the police issued by the Faculty of Political Science
  • CV in the Serbian language
  • Proof for payment of taxes for temporary residence, application and issuing of the temporary stay sticker


The list of student dorms is available at the brochure published by the University:

However, please note having in mind the dorm price for foreigners, for longer stay it might be cheaper and more convenient to rent or share an apartment.

We wish you a pleasant stay!